English scroll is a fundamental form of scrollwork that every hand engraver should take the time to learn. It teaches balance and harmony within the scrolls as well as correct growth patterns, things which when fully comprehended can also be applied to other forms of scrollwork. When correctly applied, English fine scroll is wonderful and timeless in it's understated beauty. Unfortunately, in recent years, the style has often become somewhat debased leaving it dull and lifeless; it has become relegated to basic decoration when in fact, when properly executed it is one of the loveliest forms of scrollwork.

This book and double DVD set is designed to teach the principals of construction and application of English fine scroll (the small scroll version of the English scroll form) in a step-by-step sequence so that you too can produce this style in the traditional English manner and can then be free to apply it to all manner of objects such as guns, knives, jewellery and watches to name but a few.

You can read a full review of this instructional set by Mark Sedlak here.

Whilst I will endeavour to despatch your order ASAP, please allow 28 days for delivery as items occasionally get held up in customs.

PLEASE NOTE: The "Special Edition" set is no longer available. In the future I hope to be able to offer individual study castings of Harry Kell's sample plates for sale but they will no longer be available as this edition.

“English Fine Scroll - Construction & Application" Book & DVD 'basic' set


This book and double DVD set contain all the information you need in order to not only understand the subtle nuances of English fine scrollwork, but how to correctly construct it and, more importantly, how to cut and apply it. The first DVD deals with the actual scrollwork and the second disc with how to engrave the flowers which turn 'English fine scroll' into 'bouquet and scroll'.

The 2 1/2 hours of video includes:

an introduction to English Fine Scroll - terminology - tool setup - basic cuts - 'ringing' the scrolls -inside work - outside work - shading - scroll design and pointers - how to design and cut the flowers.

The cost of the basic set is £130 (UK orders only) Rest of the world £140 shipping included


“English Fine Scroll - Construction & Application" 'special edition' set

+kell castings


The 'Special Edition' set contains book, DVDs and casting as per the standard set. It is a
very special and rare set indeed as it contains a set of 4 resin castings of some of Harry Kell's sample plates. Harry Kell was a very high quality engraver in the first half of the 20th century and was the man who taught my father, Ken Hunt, to engrave and his hand pushed engravings are just beautiful. They show a progression of English scroll; 2 plates show English fine, the next English 'medium' and finally English large scroll and they make excellent study pieces for the serious student of hand engraving.

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“English Fine Scroll - Construction & Application" Book & DVD 'standard' set


In addition to the book and double DVD the 'standard' set includes a high quality resin casting of the engraved plate shown on the front of the DVD case.

This casting is indispensable especially if you don't have any access to high quality engravings for study purposes. It shows in detail what can be achieved using modern hand engraving methods and shows clearly the cutting described in the book and DVD. This casting is
only available as a part of this set.

The cost of the basic set is £150 (UK orders only) Rest of the world £160. shipping included

Sold out, contact me for further information
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Testimonials & Comments

"Just to back up Doc's review I must say that Marcus and team have put together an EXCELLENT pack easy to follow step by step having watched the dvd's and read the book this is a must have in anyones collection I have other that although good dont match the standard of this, A lot of time and effort has been put into producing this not just for the beginner but also pro engraver can learn from it the dvd with the close-ups allow you to see how every cut is made a true learning tool worth every pound or dollar .
I know I have said it before but Thanks Marcus truly EXCELLENT "
- rayf24 (Engravers Cafe)

"Great work Marcus, I am sure it will become the standard reference for English scroll."
- Barry Lee Hands (Engravers Cafe)

" small English is probably the most recognizable and traditional of all scroll styles. When I first started learning to engrave I found small English to be quite redundant and mine was. As I have learned the subtle nuances and especially after seeing the highest quality-thanks to Marcus and his father-I have completely reversed my thinking. It has a very unique beauty and quality when done well.

I can think of no one better qualified to learn from. Although I have not reviewed his materials I will endorse it based on my time with Marcus and his father. I can't imagine it to be anything but superb."
- Lee Griffiths (Engraver's Cafe)

"I'd like to take a moment to add my 2¢... "Fine scroll", or as we tend to call it here in the former colonies, "English scroll", is one of the most versatile styles of scroll there is. When properly designed & deployed, it can work gracefully on virtually anything- from a fine double to a pocket watch, from full coverage to just a hint of decorative accents in the corners. EVERYBODY should have a solid understanding of it for its mechanical aspects, even if you end up never using it much.

Furthermore, historically this style has been given short shrift as a crude, over-simple, cheap way to efficiently cover real estate. However, it has the potential to be among the most beautiful in our repertoire, filled with depth & movement, if only you'll take the time to learn its secrets and add some creativity & individuality."
- Mitch Moschetti (Engravers Cafe)

"I posted a comment above yesterday, however I feel the need to say more since I have spent more time with your wonderful instructional video, booklet and castings.

Firstly, let me say that this is the finest instructional package I have ever seen; and one can straight away determine that for a master to devote such time and effort into producing it so well and in such detail:------ that it is a labor of love for him.

Secondly, I would have made a huge mistake if I had not purchased the castings as well.

And thirdly, the discussion on grinding the forward end of the graver in a taper in order to allow the graver to have a degree of spring (think of a tapered English shotgun mainspring) where one can "pop" out the burr at the end of the teardrop engraving is worth the whole amount that I paid for the instructional package. I have since ground two 116 degree gravers with the gentle taper that you showed and discussed in Video 1, and I was amazed at how easy it is to pop out the burr."
- Stephen Howell (Engravers Cafe)