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Marcus Hunt has been providing the highest standard of hand engraving on some of the world's finest sporting shotguns and rifles for over 35 years and is committed to the continuing excellence of the traditional English style of embellishment and its evolution into newer forms.

Promising the quality and attention to detail the top engravers of yesteryear gave to their craft, Marcus will aim to combine your tastes and the engraver's ability to create an object of beauty unique to you. As every hand engraved piece is 'one of a kind' it will make a keepsake or heirloom out of any gift or possession.

Although firearms engraving is the main part of our business we are in no way limited to only this field and seek constantly for new items to embellish. Whether the engraved piece is for yourself or is a very special gift we aim, always, for the perfect result! See the gallery for inspiration.